While Taru and the puppies were (and still are) at the breeder, we travelled to Vöyri where it happened to be both obedience and agility competitions that fit to our schedules. Tosi debuted in both sports. First we tried obedience. It went well and felt pretty easy! We had some problems in heelwork: one basic position was very slow and she leant on me, which made the heeling instable (a problem we have to take on now). Otherwise we only got 10s and the judge liked Tosi a much . She got 195 points and won the class.

Next day was an agility day. We hadn’t trained so much lately and the organizers didn’t have warm-up obstacles. So the first course was an awful mess! She ran by many hurdles, dropped a couple of bars and we didn’t have any kind of shared rhythm there… Contacts and weaves were good, luckily. The second course was easier and I understood better what I should try to do. Still, Tosi ran by a hurdle and into a tunnel before I had realized anything. She had such long jumps that she actually should have taken those two jumps as in-out. After that she came under one hurdle and then dropped it, but otherwise I think this was a good performance . We have trained more now and hope (but sometimes doubt!) to attain some solidity. In any case, it is so sweet to have a competence dog now, this is something I have been waiting for so long! I do remember those bitter, hungry moments on ringsides, just watching and feeling me an outsider (so now sympathizing with you, Samu). Dear Myytti took me seriously and even successfully into this sport, so it would have been hard to give up. But now I have Tosi, such a beautiful rat with endless energy, the best in the world! We’re gonna enjoy the trip!

By the way, Tosi was first measured as medium but then it came out that the judge had had her measure stick upside down! Tosi was a large dog anyway, at least 45 cm or little more, quite tiny anyway.


Participation forms to new ag & ob trials are sent and there is much to do before!